Political participation of youth in V4 countries

Despite high rates of high school completion, the risk of unemployment and poverty for young people in V4 countries is relatively high. It seems that educational systems of V4 countries fail to prepare young people for the job market – but also for their role of citizens. This situation frequently leads to: political apathy, disinterest in public issues, increasing preference for extreme political opinions, less politically activity and a tendency to vote for radical parties. The project will provide relevant and up-to-date data in selected dimensions of political participation of young people (membership in youth organisations, volunteering, participation in elections, political attitudes and media usage).

Regional relevance

The issue of political participation is not local, but goes across the borders of individual countries. In V4 countries it is possible to observe several similarities regarding the level of political behavior as well as civic activism of youth. Using cross-regional data, it will be possible to solve problematic issues such as the rising tendency to attitude polarization. Commitment and reciprocal cooperation in the region will also allow to:

  • get representative and comparable data about youth;
  • strengthen the cooperation between youth sectors and NGOs active in the field of informal and civic education;
  • support reform activities in formal education systems based on the empirical data;
  • stimulate public debates about the need to support and develop political participation of youth.

Project coordinator

Slovak Youth Council (SYC) unites non-governmental organisations that workwith children and young people. At the moment, it incorporates 22 registered civic associations and non-profit organisations that unite over 55 000 children and young people. It provides political advocacy on behalf of children and youth organisations without regard to their political and religious views,  nationality or ethnic origin.
SYC represents and coordinates the interests of its members in communication with the state and public administration. It participates on creating an environment that enables youth organisations to carry out their activities effectively and with good support from state institutions and other stakeholders.


The Rubeus Association is a network for the young researchers in Hungary to support to undertake research on the special fields of social exclusion and discrimination. The studies focus on the analysing of legal system, decision making process and social services and general social theories.

The activities of the Association:

  • sociological research
  • networking with national and international organizations
  • consultation and supporting to young researchers

Main topics

  • child and youth policies, child and youth protection
  • family decision making
  • questions of the policy analysing in the field of social services


Czech Council of Children and Youth is czech umbrella organisation active in supporting non-formal education and activities of its members. Activities and projects directly related to the youth political participation: Structured Dialogue, project „Cooperation for Social and Civic Competences’ Innovative Education“, youth volunteering.



Timeframe: March 2017 – December 2017